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Installation and Commissioning

The sale of an equipment is the beginning of an enduring relationship with the customer. Global standard procedures are followed with respect to site inspection, installation and commissioning.

Services include full installation, testing, onsite configuration and start-up process through commissioning

Highly skilled service engineers make sure that the instruments, drawings, product manuals, inspection procedures etc. are in order before conducting a live test. Auro also educates the maintenance team on operations, safety aspects, do’s and don’ts, escalation matrix and the emergency situation act.

Preventive Maintenance

The primary goal in maintenance is to prevent failures and eliminate potential damages as quickly and safely as possible - at the lowest feasible cost.

Purchasing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an investment in your business or organization, providing peace of mind, reliability and improving your bottom line. Performing factory-recommended preventive UPS maintenance is critical for optimal performance and continued reliability, minimizing the risks of downtime and extending the life of your UPS.
Auro Power offers UPS service plans, battery and parts replacement services, and remote monitoring to help avoid future UPS failures.

Breakdown Maintenance

Adequate spares are maintained locally to reduce the TAT (Turn Around Time) for resolving any field complaint.

We will quickly and professionally respond to all emergency service calls 24 hours/day, 365 days/year throughout the entire useful working life of your Auro UPS.

According to the lifecycle model of our products, our support for our products covers not only spare parts but also services related to repairs and replacements.

Site Inspection

Qualified Electric Services personnel will provide a visual inspection of the system including associated batteries and surrounding environment.

A detailed site report will be provided to the Customer documenting the checks and measurements performed during the visit..

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our AMC contract is designed to perform the function of preventive & breakdown services.

We have established ourselves as a leading firm involved in providing an extensive range of services for Comprehensive AMC and Non Comprehensive for UPS for showing the dedication and best efforts of our professionals.

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Training needs vary according to the background of the company, plant or personnel

Auro Training provides comprehensive and professional training for ABB make and Auro make UPS Installation and ccommissioning training, Service and maintenance training to our engineers.