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Helping businesses since 1996

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Helping businesses since 1996

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Helping businesses since 1996

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AURO Power Systems - Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Our Company Introduction

We Ensure Only Quality Consulting Services for our Customer..

AURO has more than 75,000 inst





Sales & Support Systems

AURO Power Systems, is one of the leading vendors of Power Conditioning products in India, having 50,000+ installations all over. Having Sales & Support centres pan-India, offers 24 x 7 support for critical customers..

Range Of Products
  • UPS (Line Interactive & Onine UPS)
  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilisers
  • Static Stabilisers Isolation Transformers
  • K-Rated Transformers
  • Commercial Inverters
  • Lighting Energt Savers
  • DC Power supplies and Batteries
Total design freedom for everyone

SD Awards for 2 years

Winner - for Product Quality, After-Sales-Satisfaction , and "A++" rating for Customer Satisfaction level.

UPS Systems


Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS Systems satisfies the critical needs of any business process continuity by high availability, high performance, low MTTR, instant upscale / downscale...


Online UPS Systems

Online UPS Systems satisfies the regular needs of any business process continuity by offering conditioned & continued power supply, protection...


Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilisers

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilisers are essential for critical machinery like life­saving medical equipment, industrial machinery....


Ultra Isolation Transformers & K-Rated Transformers

Ultra Isolation Transformers & K - Rated Transformers offers complete electrical isolation between the DISCOM & Loads...

AURO always a step ahead in UPS Design and Energy Efficiency

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