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Solar Products

AURO Power Systems provides a complete range of services in the Power Electronics Industry. AURO Power Systems caters to the power need of various Companies/Industries across verticals by providing them Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions. AURO Power Systems is a well established UPS Dealer pan India. AURO deals in complete end to end UPS Sales and UPS Service. AURO Power Systems sells Industrial UPS, Modular UPS, Line Interactive UPS and UPS Battery.

AURO Power Systems is also a one stop shop for Solar Solutions like Solar Inverter, Solar Roof-top, Solar On-Grid, Solar Off-Grid and BIPV. AURO Power Systems is also a LED Dealer of different types of LED Lights, LED Street Lights, Solar LED Street Lights etc. for various applications.

Rental UPS is yet another value-add provided by AURO Power Systems for its Customers. AURO Power Systems has also accomplished a key project recently by providing UPS for rent for a major Tournament.

Solar photo-voltaics is growing rapidly and worldwide installed capacity reached at least 280 Gigawatts (GW) by the end of 2016. The total power output of the world’s PV capacity in a calendar year is now beyond 200 TWH of electricity. This represents 1% of worldwide electricity demand. More than 100 countries use solar PV. Photo-voltaics is now, after hydro and wind power, the third most important renewable energy source in terms of globally installed capacity. Several market research and financial companies foresee record breaking global installation of more than 50 GW in 2015. India is expected to install 1.8 GW, doubling its annual installations.

By 2050, over 20% of all electricity could be provided by photo-voltaics. The 122 PW of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface is plentiful – almost 10,000 times more than the 13 TW equivalent of average power consumed in 2005 by humans. Auro Power Systems have tied up with Indian & European PV Module Mfrs and also tied up with M/s. Solarsis, and have executed projects for them. System Integration is the key for successful installation optimised selection in all the components based on the specific needs of every site. Our product range comprise of PV Panels Crystalline (Mono & Poly), Thin Film (CIGS & ASI) from Indian & European Manufacturers.

Conventional PV Modules:
  • 10 to 300 WP panels
  • Crystalline Mono/ Poly
  • Amorphous Silicon
  • CIS / CIGS Panels
  • European & Indian Panels
Solutions for:
  • PV Farms
  • Rooftop Solar
  • Solar Canopy
  • Solar Parking Yards
  • Solar Balconies & Walls
  • Special Applications
BIPV Solar Solutions:
  • Semi Transparent PV Modules
  • Coloured PV Modules
  • Leak Proof Skylight PV System
  • Heat reducing PV Facades
Ancillary Systems:
  • Central Solar Inverters ABB/ Delta
  • Transformers ABB/ CREL
  • String Inverters ABB/ Delta / Growatt
  • Switch Gears ABB/ L&T / Standard
  • SPD & Lightning Arrestors

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