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Industry Specification

UPS for Production Industry


The complex automation systems used in the beverage production process need to have an uninterrupted and stable source of electrical power. Unfortunately, supply voltage disturbances happen all too often. The UPS procured provides suitable protection for the entire production hall in which two production lines operate simultaneously, as besides the can-specific line, there is also another similarly advanced production line designed to fill PET bottles and capable of filling 22,000 bottles an hour. UPS protects the entire production hall and is connected to the main distribution board, after the two input supply transformers. This configuration allows production to be operated from either transformer and provides continuous operation for every load in the production hall.

UPS for Dairy Industry


A leading multinational dairy manufacturer needed a power protection solution for its processing and packaging lines at its facility. This requires only the best resources to ensure high quality milk is produced in ways that add real value to the Customers.

Most problems are short term voltage sags caused by faults and events in the external electricity utilities network. When this happens there is no guarantee the milk is sterilized for consumer use, so disposal or re processing of the milk is required. When a glitch occurs in the facility, they need to go through a sterilization process which takes around four hours.

The equipment installed was able to provide a solution that would eliminate voltage sags and cut out over four power quality events annually


UPS in underground Data Center


Technology in deep rock caves
A huge data center in an 8,500 square meter underground tunnel network. Inside the geological formations there are nine halls, each between 500 and 800 square meters in size. The halls can be dedicated to specific customers or shared by several customers.

The individual data center halls operate entirely independently of one another and the co-location model allows customers to choose between a centralized or distributed data center solution that best fits their needs.

Electrical security a top priority
A reliable electricity supply is critical to the data center business and having our supply backed up by UPS systems is ideal. The system is ideal for the Data Center business model, both technically and financially.

Energy efficient solution for data centers.

Large international companies depend on Data Centers as their data volumes continue to grow and their need to have guaranteed reliability regardless of what crisis comes up.

Modularity increases usability
A truly modular high-efficiency DPATM UPS concept which scales to changing needs. System reliability is ensured by the modularity of double conversion technology and the inbuilt redundancy. Hot swappable modules keep the system operational and repair times short. DPA module replacement does not require an expert engineer to be on-site and the part can be sent for service or repair.

Each module has all the hardware and software needed for autonomous operation – rectifier, inverter, battery converter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, control logic, display, and mimic diagram for monitoring and control. The other modules take up the load if one module is defective or if it is removed for service or repair. The only common component of the system is at the five-module rack level. Up to six racks can be connected to form one very powerful UPS.

DPA UPSs operate with an efficiency of up to 96 percent and their scalability minimizes power losses, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.

A reliable and flexible UPS is a basic requirement in today’s business-critical environment as problems with power generation or supply can cause outages or quality issues such as voltage dips, spikes or frequency variations and harmonics.

The availability, flexibility and reliability of the power supply, and its cost, are critical to data centers, as well as hospitals, media houses, telecom sectors and the process automation industry.

UPS systems are essential to protect these critical services and maximizing efficiency keeps energy costs to a minimum.


Power protection solutions for Oil and Gas Industry


The petroleum industry can be regarded as a backbone of today’s industrial civilization, continuously providing the majority of the world’s energy. Oil and gas operations are often located in sparsely inhabited, remote areas, ranging from the frigid arctic, to the hot deserts, to extreme offshore environments.

These environments present a considerable challenge, along with the electricity grid which can be particularly weak in such locations. To maintain seamless and secure operations in these outlying areas, an efficient, high-quality and uninterrupted power supply is of primary importance.


Proven, modular solutions minimize project-specific design, resulting in shorter lead times and lower cost. Uninterrupted power supply systems cover the entire Oil and Gas Logistics Chain, from exploration and drilling to distribution and retail.

From upstream Oil and Gas plants, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) applications and power factor correction, through midstream pipeline compressor/pumping stations, to downstream refineries and processing plants using sophisticated DCS, PLC and industrial computer systems, plants and processes can benefit from voltage conditioning, power factor correction and back-up power. Thus offers power conditioning and solutions for seamless operation, avoiding costly shutdowns.


Comprehensive Power Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry


Why power protection is important for Food and Beverage Businesses
The way we process and package our food has undergone a revolution with increased levels of automation, monitoring and information systems. This has been driven by not only productivity improvement, but also by a host of food safety requirements. Due to the high degree of automation, such facilities are extremely sensitive to power quality events.

With these changes, a high quality of electrical power becomes business critical. This means that food and beverage companies must carefully consider their approach to power protection, as power outage, sags or other voltage disturbances can result in tripping or failure to critical equipment. As a result, depending on the particular process costs relating to product loss and downtime, the overall costs can be significant.

Most modern Food and Beverage plants will have a computer room or small data center along with the electrical control room. Here a centralized UPS solution is a sensible approach. Modern modular UPS solutions allow scaling of the power protection to match with load growth minimizing the initial upfront investment. They also provide greater system availability as modules can be swapped out in the event of a problem rather than having to be changed on site.

With good information on the quality of the external electrical supply, good planning and use of leading edge power protection equipment modern food and beverage facilities, full of sensitive electronics, can operate safely and reliably.

Power requisites for Plastic and Packaging Industry


A Dairy operation Company produces “one time use” plastic coffee creamers per day. The operation includes forming the small individual cup cartons, filling them, then sealing them on a high speed packaging line.

Voltage variations may cause major disruptions to the high speed creamer line. When the line stops, product has to be scrapped, and equipment cleaned and sterilized before restarting. This can take several hours even though the drop in voltage may last for only a small fraction of a second.

The Dairy operation decided to install dedicated power protection to the high speed creamer line. They chose to use a combination of a PCS100 AVC (Active Voltage Conditioner Standard) to eliminate voltage sags and an AVC RTS (Ride Through Storage) with 10 seconds of back-up, in order to eliminate the network generated micro-cuts.

The PCS100 AVC is an on-line device which corrects the voltage sags. It continuously monitors the voltage and corrects even minor variations within a fraction of a cycle. It provides a steady constant output voltage to the high speed form-fill-seal (FFS) machine.

When the utility voltage is restored to normal, the PCS100 UPS-I will synchronize the load with the utility supply, open the static switch and restore the load to normal operation, again within a fraction of a cycle.

The PCS100 UPS-I is an off line device which corrects complete outages of short duration. It consists of an inverter and electrical storage (e.g. batteries, or ultra capacitors) which can carry the full load for a predetermined amount of time. Based on analysis of site data, battery storage for 10 seconds was chosen as the storage medium.

Power Protection Solutions for Bottling Industry


A Beverage bottling facility having a few bottling lines works two 10 hour shifts and a high speed process designed to supply the market demand.

This is a highly automated plant and was built for high efficiency operation but the productivity was well below expectations due to facility shutdowns caused by frequent power quality events. As facilities do not get advance warning of impending voltage sags, unexpected stoppages can result in delays of more than one hour to restore production to the normal bottling line speeds.

The online characteristics of the PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioners are capable of correcting 3-Phase voltage sags up 30 percent as well as providing continuous voltage regulation so any voltage between 100% and 90% is always corrected back to 100%. Voltage balancing, voltage harmonic reduction and flicker elimination are all valuable features also and led to a final decision to choose an ABB 2MVA, 26.4KA AVC. As well as the product performance, the flexibility of an outside enclosure and a fast delivery were key factors in the choice of the equipment.


Power protection solutions for the Semiconductor Industry


The Semiconductor Industry is becoming increasingly important as Semi Conductors serve as the core building materials for important Electronic products. Semi Conductor devices range from the extremely small, lightweight Memory Chips and Microprocessors, through to power Semiconductors that are highly efficient and reliable. Today, the Semiconductor Industry has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry, representing close to 10 percent of world GDP.

The Semiconductor Industry is the foundation of Twenty-first Century Technology – from smart devices and renewable energy generation to the automotive and data storage industries. The production of these sensitive components requires an extremely high quality of electrical power. Advanced power protection is simply not available from the electrical utility. The costs of lost production, down time, quality and, ultimately, lost profit can be huge in scale for semiconductor manufacturing fabrication plants (FABs) that are not adequately protected.


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